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3 min readJun 1, 2021

Have you ever wished you had a better smartphone? Most of us have recently. Sometimes it’s because we’ve cracked the screen and writing a text becomes like solving a Rubik’s cube. But usually it’s more subtle than that. It’s a slow phone, one that crashes too often, or one that doesn’t hold battery charge. It’s realizing you can’t quite reach the app in the top left corner of the screen because your thumb is too small. Maybe it’s wanting that better camera on a new phone that’s just launched.

Legacy Handset Insurance Only Covers 15% of Phone Problems

You’re not alone.

In fact, 2 in 3 people had a phone problem in the last year. Eventually, everyone runs into a problem with their phone. But usually, you can’t do anything about it. Most people who had a phone problem last year reported an issue that traditional handset insurance doesn’t cover. Only 15% of issues were ones that insurance providers qualify as issues that warrants a replacement¹. They decide if your problem is big enough. Not you.

Consequently, more than 60% of people with a phone problem don’t end up replacing it. They’re often locked into a multi-year contract that’s too expensive to break or the thought of navigating the rules and restrictions of an upgrade program is too much of a hassle¹.

We don’t think that’s good enough. The existing system is stale. It isn’t designed for you and your needs.

There’s a better way.

At Kingfisher, we think you should be phone problem free. In fact, we think you should have the freedom and flexibility to have any phone you want, any time. And, we think getting a new phone on your terms should be easy. So easy, it doesn’t claim a spot on your “to do” list.

We’ve spent 4 years pressure testing this idea. We call it FLIP.

FLIP by Kingfisher Solves 100% of Phone Problems

In under 10 minutes, you can FLIP your old phone for the brand-new one of your choice, for any reason — big or small. If you’re phone loads apps far too slowly or has run out of storage, get a new one. If you like hot pink and a hot pink phone just hit the market. FLIP your old black phone for a brand-new, hot pink one in less than 10 minutes. No rules or catches. No ifs or buts. FLIP makes handset insurance obsolete and offers so much more. It covers 100% of phone problems, not just 15%.

In designing FLIP, we kept the consumer as the focal point and considered all sorts of phone problems to find a way to make your life just a little bit easier.

We partner with mobile carriers to offer FLIP in store, online, on the app, or through call centers. We look forward to seeing you FLIP for joy.

¹Kingfisher Mobile Ltd.: N. America Consumer Research, 2021.




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